Chance favors the prepared mind

Creativity to Excel

Because of a deep-rooted curiosity, I am fascinated developing ideas towards reality. The way I innovate a business strategy is to find creative connections between seemingly disparate phenomena, inspired by the future that could be.

Unlock New Business

My networks perceive me as credible, intelligent and trustworthy. Faced with any given scenario, I quickly spot the relevant pattern and issues. I am exceptionally talented to create alternative ways to find valuable solutions and to make the solution happen.

Balance Root Cause and Action

Understanding the root cause is mandatory, creating the solution is paramount. Clearly, I prefer to develop the solution over the reasoning why something does not work.

From Strategy to Action

The desire to continuously improve and to help people making things better pushes me to go beyond boundaries. Engaged and passionate, I find deep satisfaction in being productive while working with my peers to develop a business strategy, turn it into action and to achieve the goal.


It is rewarding for me to see how truly gifted everybody is when being empowered, then making the impossible possible. And, it doesn't need much to empower people.


In my experience as a mentor for peers and employees, seamless and inclusive collaboration across borders and functions become the norm. If the involved parties pay more conscious awareness to thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors of themselves and others the quality of collaboration improves substantially.

I had the privilege to collaborate with colleagues from a variety of nationalities in many countries in east and west, north and south. No surprise, I love to work with foreign cultures.

I earned a doctoral degree in natural sciences in Physics, already focused on data analytics, machine learning, and optimization. While being a senior manager now, science is doing its best to keep me surprised. Technology development helps to uncover the unknown and to boost the productivity like artificial intelligence is doing right now.