What I Do Best

Strategy & Business Development

A strong analytic and creative mind paired with the assertiveness to make things happen and to innovate new business

Artificial Intelligence

As an "AI Native", technologies like data analytics and machine learning are a part of my DNA and help to co-create solutions for more productivity and growth

People Development

I professionally empower people to manage critical and stressful situations in a constructive way which is key to their success and personal growth

This means ...

Simplify Complexity

I take different perspectives to unfold the perceived complexity and turn it into actionable steps. I was exposed to complex and complicated situations many times. Imagine, it is 2006, and you want to make "cities" a new business for your company...

Inclusive Decision-Making​

You wouldn't disagree, multi-stakeholder environments require sound decision engineering to make things happen, would you? During my career, I convinced stakeholders in many countries to get buy-in from different levels. Accordingly, I navigate with comfort and ease through complex business environments.

Psychology of Sales

Salespeople today need to act more and more like consultants who co-create solutions with their customers. I empower AMs to become active listeners and to excel on internal and external sales with amazing speaking and presentation skills delivering sound solutions in a credible and trustworthy way.

From Limiting Beliefs to Growth

Limiting beliefs are a major blocking point for change and success. What might be possible or not possible is more often based on beliefs rather than on facts. Even more, these beliefs often go hand in hand with fears and anxieties. I am used to intervention, and to mentor and coach individuals and teams to transform their limiting beliefs into personal success.

Mentoring & Coaching

I empower people to get across as intelligent and credible while being able to communicate properly, i.e., consciously using body language, breath, voice, and gestures and most importantly, active listening.

Growth with Digitalisation & AI

Artificial Intelligence and Digitalisation fundamentally change the core of businesses and the way we live. Not only am I an expert in both, it is at the base of my thinking and approach, creating new solutions and businesses.